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We are engaged in Renewable Energy in the form of the development of solar PV on-grid power plants. Currently, d’Afrique has completed the development of one such plant, located in the Northern Region of Ghana. The plant, in its first phase, will produce 20MW of electricity, and will be expanded in subsequent phases of 20MW per phase. Find out more about Green Electric.

In order to support our business, we will be investing in the construction of an assembly plant for the production of solar PV panels and equipment, for both our on-grid solutions as well as commercial and residential deployment.

d’Afrique Power Limited/Green Electric Power Ghana Limited – Independent Power Producer, Solar PV Energy

Today, solar photovoltaic cell and electrical energy storage technologies are becoming more efficient and affordable. Consequently, the world has been moving towards utilizing them in as many applications as possible which require electrical power for operation, and also in direct response to the acknowledgement of the problem of global warming.

Replacement of traditional sources of fuel, such as fossil fuels, and the potentially hazardous usage of nuclear fuel, has prompted many developing and developed countries to adopt systems which embrace clean and renewable energy sources such as; the sun, wind and water. Not only that, the incorporation of solar energy farms, and other forms of renewable energy generation systems, into national electricity grid infrastructure is becoming more and more popular around the world. This mix of technologies, not only lessens the impact, in terms of climatic change, of the release of harmful by-products into our atmosphere by current power generation systems, but lessens the cost of generating power for a world where demand for electrical energy is growing exponentially, based on an ever increasing use of technology by mankind. Furthermore, the utilization of renewable energy as a source of power generation is ultimately the most cost efficient and effective means of delivering electrical energy, for the producer, and ultimately, for the consumer.

As part of our strategy to be a player in the energy sector, d’Afrique is a major shareholder in Green Electric Power Ghana (GEPG), which is a registered Independent Power Producer (IPP) and is currently engaged in the process of the construction of Ghana’s first major solar PV power generation farm. The first phase of the project, once operational, will feed into the national grid, 40MW of electrical energy. The farm should be fully operational and generating electricity in the final quarter of 2016.

On a smaller scale, d’Afrique is engaged in the marketing solar PV LED street lighting and garden systems to public, private/commercial and residential clients. Our systems are all manufactured in Europe, to European standards, and come with a 10 year guarantee.

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